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London Fashion Week Collab with Jens Laugesen

LONDON, September 2022

META\SENS was a digital fashion collaboration project by Jens Laugsen for London Fashion Week SS23. The renowned fashion designer set out to explore the meaning of visual hybrid languages and align his work with the metaverse or the metamodern in-between arena.

Jens reached out to a group of talented digital artists to explore the digital process and get inspiration from multiple in-between design outcomes. The digital designers were asked to work individually generating variations from two iconic garments previously designed by Laugesen. Giancarlo Pazzanese designed two of the nine looks that were selected for this collaborative collection.

Building on the meta-redefinition of hybrid space and in-between garment objects, this project juxtaposes Jens's couture craft with new 3D design methodologies.


The resulting collection was exhibited as a video work in a virtual gallery space during London Fashion Week SS23.

Click the links below to read more about all the digital designers and collaborators.

image cover.jpeg
08 GP SHIRT TUNIQUE PANTS GREEN  final0 white sleeves.png
09 GP TUX DRESS PLEATS aug 230.png
_ LFW LINEUP v4 aug 20 2022 final lineup.jpeg

dis_placed virtual fashion collection now on sale at DressX

METAVERSE, November 2021

The dis_placed fashion collection by digital artist and lecturer Giancarlo Pazzanese was launched on the DressX platform on November 25th.

This digital-only collection is made of 6 looks designed to be used in virtual spaces. The texture maps in this collection have been displaced creating glitches, volumes, spikes and new materials.

Digital fashion is having its moment. One way to start wearing digital clothes is through online garderobe stores that will fit any garment of your choice to your photos. The garment always fits, and it is the most sustainable way to post an extravagant, casual or high-tech look with the least impact on the planet.

Anybody can try the garments of the dis_placed collection, and wear them via 

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 23.05_edited.jpg

dis_placed virtual fashion collection Version 1.0 launched at METAFASH

METAVERSE, July 23-25, 2021

The first virtual-only fashion collection by digital artist and lecturer Giancarlo Pazzanese was launched during METASFASH, the first immaterial fashion week from Brazil and Latin America.

The collection is called dis_placed. Its first iteration is composed of 5 looks. These garments exist only in virtual form. The design phase incorporated errors as a possibility to explore and "explode' texture maps to create new materials.

dis_placed was exhibited as a virtual fashion show and in the fashion editorial arena.

Screenshot 2021-11-17 at 00.22.18.png
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