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About the collection

This immaterial capsule collection explores the borders between garment and object, texture and noise, virtual and real.

The design phase incorporated errors with displacement maps to explore and 'explode' textures creating materials like mineral-lace, floating prints, and virtual spikes.

The starting points were punk, fetish, and goth aesthetics. The idea of a displaced print evolved beyond the texture design into a reflection on displaced identities. 

Screenshot 2021-11-15 at 22.42.29.png

The collection has 6 looks composed of 3D garments that exist in digital spaces, designed to be seen and worn virtually.

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The first piece is about invisibility, the second about fragility, the third about strength and survival, the fourth is a self-portrait in a garment, the fifth is a queer fur experiment, and the sixth is an ode to body hair.

Tan-coloured fabrics are designed to adapt to the user's skin tones.



I explore the notion of texture maps as social maps and the concept of displacement maps as displaced identities. I work with texture displacement in a metaphoric way raising questions on identity, fashion, craftsmanship, and materiality.

I think of digital fashion as a medium for critical thinking, a means to stretch our notions of gender, beauty, race, and the role of fashion in our culture.

Year: 2021

Collection Name: dis_placed

Iterations: 2

Looks: 6

Materials: Displaced 3D textures, glass, rocks, minerals, bones, human hair, silk, leather, plastic, organza, latex, lace.



The Beta version of this collection was launched in July 2021 during METAFASH, the first immaterial fashion week from Brazil and Latin America. The second iteration was launched at DressX in November 2021.

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