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GianPazza is my handle name.

In 2020, I stopped consuming physical garments for 15 months and started self-training in 3D fashion design instead.


This resulted in many experiments, out of which dis_placed, my first digital capsule collection emerged.


I work in the intersection of fashion, art and education.


Digital fashion offers the possibility to extend our notions of materiality, textures, bodies and gender.



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I teach fashion communications, visual merchandising, fashion history, and graphic design. I embed social, cultural, and political issues like gender fluidity, gender equality, and critical thinking in my lectures.


I have experience in sustainability, academic publishing, and diversity & inclusion communications.

I am working towards a master’s degree in innovation and my topic is digital fashion education.


Deep overview of digital developments in fashion to demystify digital techniques including 3D design, virtual prototyping, on-demand manufacturing, Artificial Intelligence-driven trend research, digital marketing, and retail.

Virtual Runway

First immaterial fashion show from Brazil and Latin America. The Beta Version of the dis_placed collection was launched during this event.

Recent Exhibitions

Group exhibition of audio works based on the recorded voices of artists describing an artwork to be. It is through their narrations that the artworks are activated in the mind of the public.

Guest Speaker

Speaker at the Gender Studies Course of the University of Salerno.  

Presentation that situates the origins of fashion in  exclusion and explores ways of coming out from binary thinking. It presents case studies from brands that have an inclusive and intersectional approach, and states the need to extend inclusivity beyond the catwalk and in the boardrooms.

Screenshot 2020-12-16 at 16.56.10.png

2021 / Women's History  & Gender Studies. Online lecture: Perspectives on Diversity and Inclusion in the Fashion Industry / Salerno.

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